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Release The Kraken
Metal - Progressive Metal
Previous peak charts position #10
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
July 10, 2012
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Release The Kraken Lyrics by Albert Joseph and Steve Michael Deep into night he's calling A voice I've always known Behold the eyes of terrors glow You say If I give my life I'd be undone This clay will soon be transformed The two become but one Release me unfailing fire Becoming what I desire Tough scale of steel and daggers The cloak of mighty storms All opposition be forewarned The sky could not comprehend the flaming star Alone, possession of earth and hell I've come too far Release me, unleashing, increasing flame escaping Unceasing, revealing, nightmare before your wakening A song a spell Only time will tell As I wait, I'm mystified Waiting patiently for my lord to arrive Release me eternal fire Becoming what I desire, come make me your king come alive Eternal Fire