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Breach At Fort Mycenae
Metal - Progressive Metal
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July 10, 2012
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Breach At Fort Mycenae Lyrics by Albert Joseph My heart, it thrusts for justice in spite So why am I lingering, I'm wasting Time is short, oppression will never Sleep is for the weak and I'm thinking I'd take a day and I night and It'd be so quick and easy I've got my knife in my sheath and nows the time to disjoint them I'm waiting no longer to make my move Send my regards Well I ain't got a plan, ain't got nothing to prove Fate, fear, depression, unmask the aggression Kill the young and the old and burn what's left Lie, tell you old master that you've come to help them Just as long as they burn my heart shall rest I've long for so many nights, I can feel the grip releasing We fought hard but we fell in the end I say never again I'm feeling my burdens setting me free The war will be won While the voice in my heads has got an order for me And I can hear him telling me Bleed the kingdom dry When there's a threat on our nation Look up to the sky Well I need information Cause too many times I hear all the dead cliches and the lost I deals They just bleed the kingdom dry of all we are if it's the right information All alone am I inside this hell I've built I'm bleeding cause the hate surpasses all the guilt But I run without the fear to lose my rightful place My decision has been made and all conscience has erased For I have seen the face of justice and the hate succumb to rest For I will send alight a message from the east and to the west Icarus will take the land side and Heracles will fly the sea I desperately pray you do not fail us Cause it could mean the end of me I'm losing sight of all humanity This quest for peace is now the trail to confusion I fear this deep will forever follow me Lord will I ever make it home Well I hope that you're paying attention The things you see aren't always what they are You've got to believe and have faith It's the only way, this is going too far Bleed the kingdom dry When it's a threat on our nation Look up to the sky They shoot without hesitation We've all got hearts of gold till the truth unfolds Hearts are just too cold We just bleed the kingdom dry of all we are if it's the right information
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