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Towers Down.mp3
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The Friday Project
September 10, 2012
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Towers Down c. '12 The Friday Project When 9-11 came down, do you remember, just where you were, son? I was in the courthouse, and I walked to the bank, and I saw the towers come down CH: Down, I saw 'em come down Some time later, they hit the Pentagon, though I didn't see that 'til much later -- But I saw the towers come down What man does to other men, in the name of God just ain't holy What a man does, claiming for his God, all too often ain't holy Drums: krister-yamas-R16 Bass: HohnerHdlsJazz-Brick-dbx160XT LdGtr: Hamer-ProJr-ShinyboxMod-ISA1 Wshburn RthmGts: Acoustic-ADKa51-V-Summit-RNC LdVoc: SM7B-VC1Q BV's: PL5-VC1Q