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Do The Grind!
Do The grind! Do The GRIND!
HipHop - New School
Charts #70 in subgenre today
Previous peak charts position #678
Johnny Touch, SucreBeats
October 01, 2012
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160 kbps bitrate
2:06 minutes
Do The Grind [Chorus] x2 do the grind do the grind twerk it work it baby do the grind [Bridge] x2 move like you know, move like you want it , you with me, we can be that dirty little secret, [Verse] shake that booty baby, as i kumatae your body, call me Santa Clause, cause i got your down as naughty, do what you do best, drop it down on johnny, your body like a Bugatti, you built for speed shawty, im at a lost for words... from the way your curves, got my heart on halt, someone call the nurse, but first..... i need to know what you be thinking, i just dont know what you bringing, all that money that you raking, on that stage that you be shaking, getting paid just to be naked, im sorry i dont buy it, cause i know what you aching... i know what you be aching for, you aching for that D, and now that you met me, you call me mr your supplier, im your mr d provider, always keeping you connected, you my number one buyer, you falling for my catch phrase, i be your desire, and all you gotta do is, all you gotta do is me, put that body up on me, [Chorus] x2 [Bridge] x2