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Phallic Symbol
For a limited time only this song will be available as a free download! Offensiveness is in the eye of the beholder
Metal - Death/Black Metal
Charts #202 in subgenre today (peak #12)
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T. Schnieders, P. Koenig, V. Miller
December 23, 2012
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128 kbps bitrate
3:59 minutes
Verse 1 Some see the words but don't know what they mean yet but they obey and spread the hate Some feel the hurt and then tell you they need it They concentrate learn to betray A phallic symbol is how they will deem it Chorus Does This Offend you? How do you know? Let's give it a shot Hear my words Like it or not Look at the signs and give it some thought Does This Offend You? Verse 2 Some of you people so easy to please yah! Others they Strive to Frustrate Write down some lines and they'll find the meaning Believe the lies All in due time Go find something you won't find offensive I have tried There's none to find (Chorus) (Verse 1 Repeat) (Outro) Rap Chorus All Work No Play Rap Verse So watch your mouth son I brought another one a couple dope rhymes to lift you off the ground some Gonna spit something you gonna regret son every line is filled with deadly venom So Watch Your Mouth Son!