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Frozen Sorrow
A short form "audio-book" about The Great Swamp Tragedy of 1675...a CBC Native American Challenge track.
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January 26, 2013
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Story behind the song
The history books state that the Narragansetts had a fortified fort at an "island" within the swamp, the tribe insists that they were peacefully overwintering. The Narragansetts exhibited their kindness and compassion by sheltering many of the women and children of the Wampanoag tribe (whom were at war with the settlers). Even though the Narragansetts remained nuetral, the combined militias of Plymouth County, Massachusetts and Connecticut attacked brutally attacked the tribe on December 19 of 1675. The settlers feared that the Narragansetts would one day join the war effort and wanted to "nip the problem in the bud". The swamp is normally inpenetrable but an unusually cold late fall froze the entire swamp and allowed access. They set fire to some 600 wigwams, burning hundreds of women and children alive. Many of the initial survivors succombed to their wounds and of exposure to the cold in the following days. It remains one of most horrific events ever to have occurred in North America. The Narragansett tribe has never recovered.
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