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Art Of Music
CD Remastered and Re-released on 2020, A Progressive, harmonious melody.
Alternative - Other Alternative
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Carline and Michael Maroon
C & M Studio 2013
March 30, 2018
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Story behind the song
Our reason for existance.
Art Of Music Written by Carline Maroon, Michael Maroon Will the world stop shakin', is there anybody making that music anymore? I'd like to take you back to the places I've been to, it's really not that far away. The music used to be here, there were melodies made, but the art of harmony never stayed. And there once was a time when the egos were low, but the highs would never end. By the time that the shows were done, we had plenty of friends. The dumbed down version of music will come to an end. It's coming from the sky, you can hear it, you can feel it, you can even see the light in my eye. My brother would say that we could scare it away, if we thought too much out loud. We sold all our records for a three dollar fuse to keep the amps from blowing apart. And our managers acted more like military men, but they helped us get our start. Did you ever think it would go this far? Children bought the rights of the company, played, and left their scar. When it comes down to reality, art will never be the same, until we take the time to change the road we've been going down so long. The radio plays what it wants to, and they've got it wrong. We're going down, down, down. Harmony of life has given up on sound. We have found a way to turn it all around. We'll put back the love they've taken out, we've found, we've found. If there's a reason to believe, that the music remains unseen. Oh no. Just look to the past (we thought it would last). You've got to believe it through the end. If you could tell them what you know, if they let you, would you show? But you ought to know right from the start. Just look what they've done, they tore it apart. The music will live. You've got to believe it through the end. Art of music. I hear an echo growing strong. It won't be long, the music play. Why has it gone so far away? When it comes home, let music stay. We'll play it loud from earth to star, and what we know is who we are. We'll take our thoughts out of our dream, and what we know, is who we are. Will the world stop shakin', is there anybody making that music anymore? Art of music.