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Priaprism Blues
That nasty condition that results from taking too much ED medication
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Johnny Wilde lyrics, Johnny Cash music
September 03, 2013
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Story behind the song
Don't wash your viagra down with pitchers of beer...bad combo
I got me some Viagra I got it from a friend And now I have a boner that just won't ever end Cause I've got priaprism and it just won't go down If it lasts more than four hours I'll take my love to town Now I'm on the phone with Suzie but she flat turned me down I'm tryin to find Shiela, but she's never around I know I won't be comin' to a happy end I don't need me a wife now, just one real good friend I bet there's people playin' at home now in their beds In some teenagers back seat, some kid is gettin' head It's drivin me so crazy, hope I don't have to pee Cause I've got priaprism, and that's what tortures me Well if they cure my priaprism if this thing will just go soft I'm swearing off Viagra, start playin me some golf Far from priaprism, that's where I want to stay Now I need some lonesome loser to blow my blues away
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