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In the Mud
Our latest piece of musical imagination
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Rock - Progressive Rock
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Judge Tyson
but of course
December 20, 2013
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All alone she sits by the waterside And waits for the moon tonight She's different this life Talking to the turkeys as if they understand Wishing for hope, the strength, the light Never know what's the matter Never looking backward Never knew why she withered As a teardrop all alone in the mud Never looking backward, Never said what she wanted Who moves around me and I can't see the sun Shameless as an infant who's life just begun I see her face, looks just like mine In her mind she's running through the forest Out of time, the sun goes down Once again she's made it to the water In the end, listening for any sort of sound Can't stay here, can't go home Can't believe, can't be alone Out of chances, can't decide On one more reason to stay alive... All alone, it was the edge of the night She's alone, she's at the end of her life And it seems she's making the transition
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