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7th Sin
An atmospheric journey into the dark side of erotic fantasy. Music by KMP (Harout Kalandjian)www.soundclick.com/kmp ... Reached #2 Electronica Overall, #1 TripHop, #1 Ambient
World - New Age
Previous peak charts position #1
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2004 LisaT/Harout Kalandjian
2004 LisaT/Harout Kalandjian
April 06, 2005
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(Verse 1) Look at me Look at me now Tell me What do you see? (Verse 2) Take my energy Take it See how I bleed for you The pain, the pain makes it easier to breathe Show me..show me....how it feels (Verse 3) Honour me Honour me now Tell me What do you think that means (Verse 4) In the darkest place Find me And I am ready now Believe believe I'm so much stronger than I seem I need ...to feel....you lose control for me (Chorus) Dominate me to begin your journey to the dark side of the 7th sin For every game you lose I win for every sound I make you give in... Can you feel how faithfully I serve you with the fantasy of 7th sin For every dream I have you take for every breath you make I'm falling Falling into your arms (Bridge) Love is a small word with little meaning If you can't feel it Wake me from this feverish sleeping For I am hungry Wake the animal inside you I wish to be admired Feed on my desire
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