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Exhausted (Demo 2002)
This is the first demo mixed by Fernando Gonzales sometime in 2002. After his first band "The Free Agents" went on their separate ways, Fernando Gonzales continued rehearsing music and attempting to record music on his own. This is his 1st solo demo.
Instrumentals - Rock
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March 02, 2014
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Story behind the song
Sometime in 2002, Fernando Gonzales, sought other opportunities without relying on his former band "The Free Agents". Thus he went to north bergen's Equipped studios. With the help of his friends Julio Garay and Johnny Gonzalez, he managed to keep his musical integrity for what would become the new musical identify of his new project in 2002: Crimson Dawn. Although this was only the beginning and lot more practice had to be made, this was a positive starting point to improve musically and in recordings. "Being 17 isn't easy. We just decided to put some of our favorite songs and see how they sounded. I think just recording for fun is what matters. Can't say the same for some annoying guys like Jorge who spammed our messaging boards back in the day insulting us. But we can't please everyone...can't we? eh, Julio Johnny and I are in our top shape to play the same common identity I craved for a long time. It is something I did not had with my other band, but then again we all grew up and realized we were very different. I really feel a lot potential for Crimson Dawn. " (Fernando Gonzales, April 2002)