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Pop - Adult Contemporary
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Tyson and Judge
March 03, 2014
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Had to laugh when I saw the photograph I was on the other half of no surrender You peek out from behind the waving crowd What it was all about I don’t remember But it’s saved in monochrome For all to see and even so There’s a lot that doesn’t show, Dulcinea? Neon sign; “Franklin’s Beer and Wine” Hangs above your ever smiling face Everyone squinting in the sun We had just begun the chase Do you really think it’s true? Do you feel the same way too? Do you know what I went through, Dulcinea? Can you hear me Dulcinea? Are you really so indifferent or just a castaway? Is it nine or is it ten? Will it ever be again? Is there nothing left to say, Dulcinea? Afterglow, you’re standing on tiptoe Captured in the moment long ago Were you playing it cool The exception to the rule You were nobody’s fool, Dulcinea Were we blinded by the light? Did we lose ourselves in time? Do you ever wonder why, Dulcinea? Dulcinea, Are you really so indifferent or just a castaway? With a photo souvenir Left to disappear Were you gone with yesterday, Dulcinea?
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