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Intoxicated (By Your Love) by Tony Sway
Music off of my latest album #Elevate now available worldwide digitally! Download the song for free today!
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
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Tony Sway for Rnbsmoove Productions
Tony Sway for Rnbsmoove Productions
March 29, 2014
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Story behind the song
The song ,was inspired by Miguel's (Teach Me) and Prince (Purple Rain) it's about being high off love pretty much haha!
Intro-Talk- Hey You got me so intoxicated,listen sexy.So High off your love baby,I just wanna stay home,if that's cool with you... Verse-1- Baby You got me feenin,girl you're like my drug... Just one hit from you's not enough.. I don't wanna go no where,I just wanna stay inside,all day and all of the night.. Hook- Baby Im intoxicated by Your Love (Lay Down) so let's just stay in and make love (Right Now) repeat2x Verse-2-Treat me like my birthday babe but leave the candles on,cater to me in that victoria... Girl don't keep me waiting for far to long,I just wanna make love to you babe,Im Intoxicated... Hook-repeate-2x Bridge-Baby tonight I need you,so come lay next to me cause being intoxicated off your love is so amazing ya! Hook-repeate-4x Copyright Tony Sway for Rnbsmoove Productions/BMI
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