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Ready and Set
Rocker featuring a fairly elaborate arrangement. Optimism in the face of modern existential threats. The clock is ticking.
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F. Serafim
F. Serafim
March 21, 2019
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Story behind the song
By many metrics humanity has achieved it's greatest moment of progressive opportunity. It's never been the point of corrupt leaders to create mayhem and suffering, but rather the perfect counterfeit illusion of peace and prosperity, with them at the helm reaping most of the benefits. It's potentially a huge "castle of cards". I don't so much like to pull on the loose threads of the fabric of society, as identify them and hope we can properly rectify the problems. Prophetic doomsday scriptures don't have to be a certainty. Best not to turn them into self-fulfilling prophecies. We'll see how it goes...
Young people need a visionary creed A future to breed and we'd better take heed I'm getting old so I've been told But I'm aware and I still care "Cause we're not dead yet We're ready and set We're not dead yet We've seen all kinds of good deeds and crimes Signs of the times, our light still shines If there's a plan that I can understand I'll lend a hand as best as I can "Cause we're not dead yet We're ready and set We're not dead yet We're as good as it gets We live this life asking what it's for Searching for love and we still want more "Cause we're not dead yet We're ready and set...
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