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The Sweetest Decline
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Country - Alternative Country
Previous peak charts position #162
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #32
The Stantons
Pawprint Records
June 03, 2014
MP3 3.7 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:43 minutes
I, I was the spoken word And I, I made my peace with God But then I fell to rocky places No-one would come to me You, you were in sweet decline For all your life Until you were anew My love, you wore it all away, hey So, for once I chose and did it right Without a second chance to get it wrong I made no mistake I held my grip on You, you were a passing ship but then Ah, you became more than I Could do without So I did not Ah, my love, in sweet decline And you, my love, your sweet decline I will be your sweetest decline So for years I slept under a maze And wept the tears I hadn’t Wasted on you When I was only there (outro)