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Girl in a Bubble
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Country - Alternative Country
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The Stantons
Pawprint Records
June 03, 2014
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3:41 minutes
Story behind the song
When relationships go bad!
There once was a girl who lived in a bubble Found herself in a whole heap of trouble Cut herself off from the world outside and shut her eyes I’m not shutting down, it’s just temporary I don’t want to talk till I’ve sharpened my tongue You know when I argue, I get a little scary…so you’d better run I saw you, we dated, we watched all the movies I hated But now I think I’m running out of patience What happened to that thing we had? You were great, now you’re a pain in the ass Sleep with one eye open When we first started out it was sweetness and light Breakfast in bed and the curtains pulled tight But something went wrong and I don’t know why I’m scratching my head You let down your guard and I just stopped pretending There’s no harm in letting you know where you stand But now every argument we have is never ending And I just can’t see why you can’t understand Chorus Everything I stand for you hate with a passion So we might as well just face the facts You’d be better off dead and I’d be better in prison Than a lifetime sitting with a face like that I’ll poison your drink, put flies in your bacon I’ll hire a hitman and you won’t see him coming I’ll be out in the garage when the shit hits the fan You’ll be six feet under with your head in your hands, oh Because I saw you, we dated And we did all the things that I hated But now I’m sick, bored, and starting to turn I can’t see the point of the lessons we learned So I’m going to stay here and brood in my bubble And maybe then you’ll see Sleeping with one eye open Won’t get the better of me