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Keep Us In Love Together
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J. Roel Lungay
September 12, 2014
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Words and music: Fr. J. Roel Lungay, b. 1960 (© 1994) Performed by Fr. J. Roel Lungay Orchestration by Romeo Mascariñas 1 Keep us in love together Like sheep among your flock Our witness to each other Is living your commands. 2 May we like your Apostles Defend your Holy Church As with the saints in heaven Give praise eternally. (Interlude) 3 We love you, we adore you We genuflect and kneel We give you adoration We bow our heads to you. 4 O Christ, the God-Redeemer You made it clear to us You came to bring salvation Not judgment, but your love. (Interlude) 5 O grant us grace to know you To serve and follow, too May our true consolation Becoming servants true. 6 Go forth to all the nations Baptize them in my name O Father, Son and Spirit One Mystic Body be. Words and music: Fr. J. Roel Lungay, b. 1960 (© 1994) All right reserved