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01 Like A Family
This song is dedicated to my Granddaughter Lucy Wren, who for reasons beyond my comprehension I have not been allowed to meet and is the first track on my new album Rhapsody In Sea.
Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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Phil Peacock
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January 06, 2015
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Story behind the song
I had been eagerly awaiting the birth of my first Grandchild, the first happy life event in a long time. For reasons which I frankly do not understand my daughter said she never wanted to speak to me again and that I would never see my Granddaughter, who, as I write this will be 3 in May. This is heartbreaking for me. So I wrote this song for her, so when old enough she will know, that this was not my choice and that I will always be her Grandpa. I live in hope that one day the phone will ring and we can be Like A Family.
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