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A Child's Dream
Sad, but could be true, somewhere.
Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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Michael Maroon
February 26, 2018
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Story behind the song
Custody of his mother, missing his deceased father's love.
A Childs' Dream Written by Michael Maroon This child is dreaming that his father is talking to him. And he's saying the words so clearly, the young one nearly throws himself to touch his face. I know that it's much too late, cause I'm in the sky. And I know that the love that your missing, ask your mother why does she leave you all alone? A six year old child like you will always remember the pain that the woman has given you. Ask your mother why does she leave you all alone? I cannot talk to her, I can only speak to the ones that I love. So keep in mind that your future depends on you, so you must learn how to live and love. A child's dream.
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