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Embrace The Grind
Artist: TP & Esco
Single - $1.75
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #246
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #123
April 02, 2015
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6:39 minutes
EMBRACE THE GRIND From this moment on you'll never be the same You just experience Life living in a different lane You know pain You know fight You know wrong you wrong you know right The kind a soul can't fight And you do know what it means to survive Then why do i always Feel like I justify This whole this entire state of mind VERSE 1 The Spark That Starts The Flame The sports just calls our name All them thoughts of pain I'll never be the same From what I overcame and accomplished Up On the wall of fame To the losses The sports just calls our name No cautions I Could never wanna walk away---- ---Conquer the vsion (The reason) and step the mat ---Start what you finished (Go get) no getting it back Ok lets get this back to business Championships and brackets/ practice Matches On a quest this vision no i don't need any glasses Ask ya self what you have given start thinking how to improve it This aint an anthem for dancing we in our stance its a movement This is Our duty the reason we stick together as humans Go lick your wounds and your bruises this sport has more than influenced you knowing Chorus AINT NO LIMIT, WRESTLING IS A WAY OF LIVING STAYING DRIVEN CONTANTLY IN A STATE OF RYTHYM ON A MISSION HEAVY PRESSURE AND AMPLIFIED FORGET WHAT ISNT EVERYTHING IS JUST A STATE OF MIND WHATCHU MISSING? REPETITION AND BROKEN DIGITS TUNNEL VISION, CALIFLOUER IS RECOGNITION MAINTAIN POSITION INCHING IN AND I TOE THE LINE EVERY MINUTE I GET IT ITS JUST A STATE OF MIND A STATE OF MIND A STATE OF MIND(YEAH) A STATE OF MIND A STATE OF MIND(A WHAT) EMBRACE THE GRIND (EVERY DAY I) EMBRACE THE GRIND ( WILL NEVER BE DONE UNTIL I'M NUMBER 1) VERSE 2 I need to say sumpn..... so u know just what I stand for (an whats that) But It takes Guts and a big a whole heart (heartbeat sfx) plus hard work u should plan for I dont stand for it... I pity the weak...u all dont deserve a trophy (nope) if I put in more work then the next kid did it should be my moment.... only (Cmone)a Its actually quite laughable..What message they trynna deliver No Winners or losers you all did a Fine job(cheesy voice)?...BS theres always a winner Thats why... in our sport we don't settle for it....We grind it out Only one hand raised at the end of the match ANd I want it bad so watch out(watch out) Push me and ill fight....toothe and nail...We can rock it out I aint scared to blead I aint scared to breathe I'll push it.... till i pass out thats what I'm bout bout bout......I believe in what we stand for want success on da highest level? Become the realest sport gigantor Cuz Real life is cut throat no bullshit no sugar coat No sensitive n Sweatness they both come out as weakness OUr Inactions the reason deep within it test us So To the coach..... and to the folks give rise to a nation of wrestlers this is Real life its cut throat no bullshit no sugar coat Bump sensitive Bumpn Sweatness ..Strength overcomes any weakness U want youuur sons to have greatness as the best men that they can be? Then welcome.... to da big show.... the realest sport...its wrestling Chorus The things I've been missing and wishing that I... Right on time to embrace The Grind I'm a mat technician In a state of mind that just so fine Season bringing me visions Wrestlers intuition Lately I 've envisioned the top of the podium with that gold medal around my neck It don't get any better than this, I can't stop and I wont Stop till I'm at the top Do you get this? So you wanna be the greatest Better get up on your grind every morning and embrace it' Until your very last match is a playlist save this... memory and chase it face it ... its not about all the gold medals or all those plaques Its amazing to me how many of you people get caugh up the past But in the real world here man it aint gonna last The people out here wanna throw us in the trash guess people really fear what they dont understand All I ever hear is that they cut another program damn... almost cut wrestling from olympics too well This aint a match we can afford to lose Out all of the competitors that we choose its really society that we fighting to prove that we can do this Take it Back to the beginning No more distorted vision This Moment of decision