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Another cosmic love song expressing admiration of a girl who radiates like our closest star
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Pop - Beach
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Alan Marscher
2015 by Alan Marscher
June 22, 2015
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1. Just like sunshine she brightens up a room And there's no denying the allure of her perfume Now her image erases the shadows of my mind Every ray of light illuminates the figure thus defined Tonight I know I'll dream of her and imagine that she's mine Till Nature's light returns, spreading color across the sky With her sunshine 2. Without her sunshine my life is filled with gloom My eyes seem blind, yet I sense impending doom My entire life is cursed, everything keeps going wrong Paranoia grips me with a dread extremely strong No matter what I do, I can't shake that impression, No matter how I try, I can't change the situation Without her sunshine Bridge: Sunlight and blue sky are covered by thick clouds But they dissipate as her smile removes their dark gray shrouds 3. In the sunshine she rests on white beach sand And she's lying so her skin will gradually tan She looks out toward the water, rolling with the waves Nothing seems to bother her, she basks in the warmth she craves Her breasts rise and fall as the ocean crashes on the shore Oblivious to my watchful eye as I strain to see still more Of her sunshine, her sunshine
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