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Winter Blah Blues (feat. Scrub)
A little fun....blues song I recorded a while back when internet radio was at it's infancy, featuring my friend Scrub of Scrub Radio.
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evan paul kozaris
January 14, 2016
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Story behind the song
Many moons ago, we had a place called Indiehangout where a bunch of us artists, hung out, chatted, listened to Internet radio in it's infancy and had a hell of a lot of fun. Facebook kind of took that away from us...sad. This is a song I wrote and recorded featuring one of my friends, Scrub, of Scrubradio where I was a DJ also. I miss those days, we had so much fun.
WINTER BLAH BLUES Evan Paul Kozaris The winter's here, someone stoled the sun, The air is cold, and I'm on the run, Daytime job is getting me down, All through the day, I've been wearing a frown, Lately I don't know what's come over me, But I feel so blue, and that's not me, I need direction, a feel for change I've got my life to re-arrange, Yea, My thoughts are dim, I feel the chill, And sometimes I feel, I'm over the hill, I even took an Indie hangout break, I thought it for the best, for everyone's sake, My mind is fried I don't what to do, My music's not flowing, like it should, My friends they tell me, I'm one of the best, But I didn't win a IOMA and I'm depressed. So I checked in with the DJs at Scrubradio chat, They were pulling all these strange tunes, right out of a hat, I said, "Hey Scrub, what up man?" "Let's go on Skype", "My fingers are sore and I can't type," "Hey Scrub? You there man?" "Yea Evan, what up man?" "Well I've been feelin' kinda down lately, what'd you think about all this stuff?" "Well," "Hey Evan, ma man, it don't mean you're bad, What about the others? Are they also sad? All of this hype can lead to a lot of stress, It doesn't mean they love you, any less. Really man, I'm sorry you're down, Just smoke a joint, you'll come around, I just rolled a fatty with my girl Scrubette, I got me a beer, and I'm all set. (I guess there's no harm in trying) Cough....(a little harsh) (what kind of shit is this?) (I think it's working) For once in his life, I think Scrubby was right, I see it now, under a different light, Tomorrow comes, a brand new day, And all of my blues will have gone away, Yea.....
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