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Cao P - My Mind
Nomak - The Mind Instrumental
HipHop - Spoken Word
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January 30, 2016
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I wake up and wonder where today gon' take me Should I light up a j or get this cake up Will I be okay if I just lay here? Boy stop bein' lazy, I'm a man who needa make payments Stuck in this cycle of life where I grind daily My minds on that paper, all I need for you is to pray for me Don't worry bout what I do, I'm out here tryna make it for my Family Muthafuckas think I'm crazy they don't understand me My mind's too full for the world's bullshit Where that river that flow I'm just goin' with it Reach for that goal, I hope you pull me closer to it I yearn to satisfy, like I need dopamine I got a burnin' desire, never no hopelessness Equipped with the eye of truth, never lose focus shit I would never deny you unless you backstabbin' Would you lie to me, man that's some rat handlin' Ignorant to society, sometimes I feel like I'm backpeddlin' I'm just tryna plan this route out carefully My mind's a blueprint to let out my creativity I don't do shit that's useless its all meant to be If you don't get to choosin' then just let it be And only time will tell when you know it's truly destiny Do I still need to lay it out for you or is it evident? My synapse intertwines with galaxies, thoughts feel heaven sent Sync my mind with the melody, let the words ricochet It's time that I ball out my verses be rich as hell No you will never break me down like the sickle cell And to those goin' through it just know that I wish you well