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The Sleety Winds
Alternative - Alternative General
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Donna Devine (lyric/melody)
Donna Devine
February 20, 2016
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Story behind the song
Rough lyric & a cappella during FAWM 2016.
The Sleety Winds V1 The sleety winds blow Through the sedge near the lake I’m trembling with every Slow step that I take V2 The wet blades of grass Cling like guilt to my feet And my woollen shawl’s hiding The secret I keep Bridge The cry of an owl in a moon-haunted tree Will be a last prayer to accompany me No one will know it was here that I stood And for miles around There was no other sound But the whisper of leaves in the wood V3 I’m tired and cold And I long for his voice Though I curse that false lover Who left me no choice V4 The sleety winds blow Through the shadow-filled night And the water has taken Me far from the light …Taken me far from the light © 2016 Donna Devine