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Chiraq Remix
Metal - Rap-Metal
Previous peak charts position #64
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #8
March 07, 2017
MP3 3.8 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:20 minutes
Story behind the song
I am the Dreammm
Northern King - Chiraq Remix They saying top five dead or alive Im saying fuck that best rapper of time Tell another nigga Tell another nigga Tell another nigga i did it Imma trill nigga im serious Like T.I.P nigga so serious My bad bitch im derlious My clip full i clear it Thats another body nother spirit Thats another zombie feed my spirit Im the devil nigga they fearing (W L) Im the King of Darkness im nearing Lord of Shadows on the way Corspes piled in a safe Wooling nigga at the graves Tryna find another snack today Imma motherfucken fire flame Tell these motherfuckers i am king Tell another bitch im the dream I am dream I am so mean I just ride clean i am on lean ! If im running out of lean ! I hit the plug ! Whats the liquory ! I hit the gram scroll threw the feed ! Find a bad bitch to get on her knees ! Suck my dick till my dick sneeze ! Than i fuck the bitch make the pussy scream ! Fuck the bitch watch the pussy squeeze ! Fuck the bitch till the pussy sing ! Till it spit a fucken verse like me ! Im Northern King im the lightening king ! I stole the lightening me ! Watch out for lightening theif ! Now back to me ! Imma fucken beast ! You bitch niggaz ! cant fuck me ! Im the hottest nigga ! In the fucken streets ! Im a motherfucken Dragon me ! Flying as far ! as the eye can see ! Take a fucken look at me ! (Roc Nation ) I want a hunnit mill so I can fucken eat ! a hunnit mill so I can fucken beast ! a hunnit mill cause im fucken me ! Im a big boss ! Northern King ! I am so ill ! They know deal ! They know whats real ! TURN UPPP !!! My life a fucken movie ! I wake up roll a doobie ! Roll over fuck a groupie ! Than flip the switch watch a movie ! Ohh I spit so stupid ! Someone call up cupid ! Someone call a cute bitch ! (Wicked laugh) Reloaded okay im reloaded ! Woah this! nigga notice ! I aint stop once flowing ! Im the weatherman when im flowing ! Like a fucken Jet ive flown in ! Like a fucken Vet i go in ! Tatted like a Tech im a solider ! Chop a nigga like a smoker ! Blocka ! Blocka ! hittta quitter no what ! My time is like up ! Im in a rush ! I sit at lunch ! Pussy for brunch ! (Hmmmmm) I know this bitch nigga try to kill me ! Imma pull up nigga filthy ! Watch his body bounce fucken silly ! Than feed him his chilli ! I mean his ribs ! Looka da flicka my wrist ! Chop and break his ribs ! I dont talk shit i dont live ! Imma pop up so damn sick ! In a drop top so damn sick ! Yo hear gunshots let it rippp ! (Gun shots ) Than imma fucken raise the dead ! Imma fucken Paint him red ! Imma fucken Blaze the Lead ! Than reload let it rippp!!! Than raise em up again !!! (DL) Yes im a wicked man !! And this is just my plan !! Cause i was born just damned !! And i came from the land !! Where the shadows cry they scream !! They scream they need king !! They just cling to me ! Im a fucken !! Demon King ! (Wicked Laugh ) its this year , lets switch gears , to sixth gear , in this years , next year , it drip tears , i shed fears , and shit clear , ya bitch near , my dick hear , enter her rear , my dick pierce , her moans break my ears , she cum fierce , as i try to steer , imma fucken bear , like mike walk on air , I see the future like a seer , I glare my stares rare , can you hear me clear , oh yea yea yeah , im over here , im there , I dont really care , if aint about the fare , imma stallion you a mare , I could do this shit all year , yes i could do this ! Yes i could do this ! Yes i could do ! This shit all year! Tell dem nigga ask about me.. World Elite.. Northern King.. Tell dem nigga ask about me.. Its over... ??????