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King Of Darkness
Metal - Rap-Metal
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March 07, 2017
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Lets all take a step into the Night Where the SHADOWS come alive Im of darkness yes just I Im the king of darkness nigga i So dreary is the night You can hide But you cant escape from i You cannot you cannot escape from i Your soul is mine Your soul is mineee Your soul is mineeee Your soul is mineeeeee I am a nightmare fucken frightmare Bitch Im right here and the darkest pits my lair Im just stranger than a stranger you can feel the danger young clif hanger Bitch Im hanging with my bunch And these demons run amuk Spells I eat for lunch Innocent tears thats just brunch Im wicked Bitch i run Shit i run Yes i run Hell belongs to me Im the LORD OF SHADOWS me And my throne is black times three Blacker than sin You gotta sin just to win What if I told you nothing was sin What if I told you let the demons in Let the demons win Im a demon and a reaper Imma kill again than again than again And these fucken spells like yeah Catch me over here Where the flames runnith over here Sulfur in the air evil in my stare Imma evil nigga yeah And death comes really near See over here yes over here Come and join me here Imma torture torture yeah Poke they eyes like yeah Eat they brains like yeah Bring them back from there Than kill they ass right heree Boy aint ya mama tell you stay inside Girl aint ya mama tell I aint nice Cause yes at night the devil comes alive Im the devil nigga I You should fucken worship I Im fucken wicked thats my life Im fucking Witchies thats my life Imma killer nigga I And i put that on my soul If a nigga try to roll He gon feel the hell smoke Yeah you dont need your soul Just give me your soul Just give me your soul Yes Im cold all alone Yes Im cold yes I know Shoot the chopper brains explode I eat the carcass on the road On this pitch black road I dont even know why the fuck i know Im frightening yes I know Cause these woes got me throwed Bitch Im slowed Bitch im slowed Im young but I feel old Im the KING of darkness woah And these SHADOWS yes these shadows they my own And the shadows yes these SHADOWS its unknown But its known Im alone Rise spirits from the earth Seek me on the earth Triple strength my worth Increase my strength the earth Now I own the earth And this spell says that Im worth What up Bitch Im worth Couple million more Glutton bitchies whores Gutting niggaz worms Blood thats really warm I drink the blood and its warm Im far below the norm Im sexy like a porn Im a star like the morn Now lets mourn now lets mourn Now lets mourn !!! Here lies Stephon Life did him wrong He sold his sold on a song And Stephon knows he's wrong But my powers really strong Northern King he on !!! Ha ha Im playing I aint have no soul Yes I know Stephon cold tundra flow Frozen snow Im a specter seeking home And the abyss is just my home I always said it was my home I always loved the cold Im frozen like my soul Or frozen yogurt yo gogurt go Nigga gooooo Flip the codeee Nigga noooooooo Im back ! O shit ! Oh no ! Yes I ! Steal ya ! Soul ! Yes ya soul ! Yes ya soul ! My precioussss!!!!!! Bitch I knowwww !! Imma tick tac toe !! Imma click clack load !! Tell another fucken nigga !! I aint know ! That i aint know !! Tell another fucken Bitch!! That I aint ! That I aint ! That I aint ! That i aint know ! Tell these motherfuckers that i know !! Northern King unknown! Now Im known ! My fames rose ! I cast a spell you turn into a toad ! I cast a spell you turn into a woad ! I cast a spell I steal your soul ! I just stole they souls ! They dont know ! They dont know ! Northern King low low ! Northern King oh no ! Hell naw ! Hell strong ! Hells long ! Im the keeper of the throne ! Seeker of the throne ! You cant keep my throne ! You cant nigga no ! Love these bitchies no ! You cant trust a soul ! And I dont trust a soul !!! that I aint soldd!!!!!