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Blessings Remix
Metal - Rap-Metal
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March 07, 2017
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Northern King -blessing remix Intro Call me Northernnn king Mr. Who's next Verse I'm the type to weigh the options play the cards them Bought a brand new krib In Boston still the hood in Brockton state to state pay homage get money stack profits Exploit my losses escape ta flawless gold chains and crosses Tarots cards say young nigga I'm all in My fortunes a fortune I'm falling In love with the Porsche 9-1-8 Spyder ocean blue foreign Tints blacker than a world that's been left godless (Babylon) You thoughtless you'd thought Shit fuck your thoughts bitch Your thoughts Shit my thoughts Shit I want it I buy it I copp it Fuck a pair I want all of em I walk in the mall with an army my pockets they armed see you can't will not ever harm me (king) j,I look like stressing life's a blessing fuck I look like crying I'm dead inside I'm not dying still I spill my soul in my writing but still they saying I'm not really fire Them niggaz they liars them nigga they broke and that ain't a joke I'm fucking they bitchies inside of they homes I'm filling them holes like zero from holes Inside that bitch mind I done buried a bone inside that bitch ass I done buried a load (woah) hook ...I'm wayyyy upp I feel blessed Call me northern king Mr who s next Verse. I'm fucking a bitch she exotic Smoke so much weed my lungs black like onix now let's be honest your main thing go lesbianez for a trip vateswanna a trip to Italy or a trek to parie Fuck snails fish eggs frog legs no only chicken for me (sighnn ) What's jet life if you ain't got a jet Know you dreaming nigga but right now you just talking Shit You ain't making sense (ha !) Tell them niggaz wait on it !! They was laughing when i was walking now they hate on me !! Cause I seen what I wanted than I made my dreams !!cause what's a dream when you live it ..reality!! (Reality) Here's my reality heard some pussy niggaz mad cause they wanna battle me! here's my reality heard some pussy niggaz mad cause they wanna fucken ! Who the fuck are you I'm northern king ! If I'm lobster linguine and you chef boy arde! How the fuck you expect a feat ! You test me it's defeat r-i-p rest in peace !if it ain't bout c-r-e-a-m cream ! hook ...I'm wayyyy upp I feel blessed Call me northern king Mr who s next Verse I feel like I'm in a league of my own black and gold diamound incrusted throne with a matching crown and secptar I'm home Lamborghini venuo matte black rims red green like thorns on a rose from my crypt it seems I have arose to claim this world as my own the world is mine yes I know say it all the time this is how my story goes I was waiting for it like a text from you know than I just stormed it let techs choppers blow brains grey like the other side of a bogger up a nose pick at it pick at it some more switch tempos switch flows now he sound so fly but he's flown deep voice I'm so sexy so grown lets go !!!!(let's go (Cause I'm wayyyy up I feel blessed ) (call me northernnn king Mr who's next) ( know these nigggaz talking like they the best)(know it's northern king I been a threat ) Fuck rapping I don't have to rap Imma trapper nigga trapping trap yous a teller nigga tattle tatt Think they master splinter noble rats Niggaz bitchies that's a fact Imma assassin with this craft Imma driver whipping fast I'mma 1000 nigga do the math started from the bottom city of the champs said it in a verse put the city the map I'mma hot nigga to hot to handle facts Catch me in hood chilling cooling smoking thrax bad bitch on my lap two bitchies in the back I ain't forget the team they ain't gotta ask only foreigns that we sit nigga we dem champs I ain't never played baseball feel like I just hit a grand slam fuck you and your man's catch you in my hood shotty make a nigga dance Like he done shaked for laffy taff I'm who ou call me make it happen man (oh nooooooooo ) And my chicos blick desert eagles on my vatos burn hotter than some cheetos bitch we count cnotes Shit wrist on that Tony kilo Shit Lord help my why I'm so sick devil wonder why he's not it's (me) I'm clean like a virgin's piss I been working bitch I put in work for this so if I feel the beat Imma murder it (king ) (I'm wayyyyyyy up I feel blesssed) (I'm wayyyyyy up I feel blesssed )