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A Love I thought I Knew
Pop - Adult Contemporary
Previous peak charts position #57
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #8
Judge & Tyson
June 02, 2017
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4:20 minutes
A Love I thought I knew You left me crying, you left me crying I just cant believe it How could you be so callus of, someone youre supposed to love How could you leave me feeling this way, you leave me Was it so easy Now I cant believe in you, and a love I thought I knew Seems my life has changed again The morning didnt know Never thought Id see the end Now Im back alone You left succeeding, you left me bleeding I still cant believe it And Ive finally awoken, because you know my heart is broken Love has taken everything I am is subject to a careless hand Ive been open laid bare to you for so long how can I go on I look out the window, nothing to see but sorrow Maybe tomorrow, the hurt will go the way it came, but for now it looks like rain
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