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Underneath the Moonglow (with the Moonshiners)
In the tradition of Folk-Country & Bluegrass
Acoustic - Folk
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Marc Meyers
Copyright Marc Meyers 2004, 20017
February 14, 2018
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Story behind the song
I Took a car trip out west,this song came to me like a gift. It entertained me while writing it down. I play it alot.
"Underneath the Moonglow" Words and Music by Marc Meyers (Chorus): Underneath the moonglow, the sap will rise the booze will flow. I'll carry them jugs all alone, underneath the moonglow. 1. In the country by the stream, my heart can pound to the river's dream, pass the shine boys I have to beam, underneath the moonglow. (Chorus) 2. Sittin' on the fence by the store, people come, rich and poor I jump the fence to hold the door, hopin' for a coin or more. (Chorus) 3. I sing my songs loud and clear, some throw coins and some throw beer, either way I've nothin' to fear S'long as I got my guitar near. (Chorus) 4. I called Karen and Peggy Sue, took each one out for what they'd do. Karen read her poems so new, but I'll never squeal on Peggy Sue. (Chorus) 5. On 4th of July "Big Red's" hound dog, tried to tame an old mud hog, we laughed all day and all night long, while "Big Red" tried to save his dog. (Chorus) 6. Saturday night our Tennessee town, is all lit up for the gather-round Laughin and dancin' to the sounds, of "Fiddler Joe" when he gets down. (Chorus) 7. Some folks settle down ya know, church and marriage around they go. me well I'm still down the road, sippin "shine" and livin' slow. (Chorus) 8. One-a-these-days I'll find my dream, I'm gonna marry a gin-soaked queen, she won't be more than 17, to help me keep them stills clean. (Chorus) Underneath the moonglow,the sap will rise the booze will flow, we'll carry them jugs all alone, underneath the moonglow. © Copyright Marc Meyers 2004
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