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Nights Like This
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W: Frank Host/Chuck Fletcher M:Chuck Fletcher
(C)1990-2005 SeeSongs, Ltd
August 16, 2017
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Story behind the song
An awesome summer night thinking about that long lost love.
Nights Like This ---------------- Verse1 ------ I'm walkin down the street, It all comes back to me. Can't help but remember, The way things used to be-e I fool myself by saying, That I don't really care. But now I can't control it. There's somethin in the aiair. Chorus ------ Cause it's nights like this that I I realize How I miss just lookin baby, Just lookin in you're eyes. Cause it's nights like this, that I, I really miss. I start to reminisce. I can't he-elp feelin like this. Verse2 ------ I'm sittin here alone, Just thinkin bout the past. And what we could've done. To try and make it last. Changes came so quickly, But one things crystal clear. I'd trade it all tomorrow. Just to Just to have you here. Chorus Lead Break Repeat Chorus Instrumental Chorus - Repeat & Fade
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