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Where Do We Go from Here
This Song is a walk through History up to today so we can learn from History and Decide Where do we go from here.
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Kenneth Hall
September 19, 2017
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Story behind the song
I wrote this song to remind us of the price we have paid to get to this place in History and help us decide WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?
Am F G WE all here VALLEY FORGE and you know it's damn cold Am F EM We've been trainin day and night sometimes bear foot in the snow F G C step to Am Some of us have fallen cause war always takes it's toll Dm F G But our children's Freedom is at stake so we put our lives on hold Am F G We know that we're not perfect now we've got along way to go AM F EM To live up to the dream that set us on this winding road F G C step to AM We take one battle at a time Prey we make it home Dm G We Ask the Lord to help us reach the goal C G DM SO where do we go from here F G AM Will we work together for the dream C G DM Or be divided by greed and fear F G AM Until the air is filled with Screams We're all here at Gettysburg cause some would not let them go So many have already paid the price for the Freedom they have sold The lord had warn us to repent and make them keep their Oath Now our children's Freedom is at stake and this war is getting old Here we are once again at the crossroads they foretold Will we learn from History or just burn it up in smoke SO many have bled and died to save our nations soul Our Children's Freedom is at stake so let's make them keep their Oath
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