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Warriors Plea
An Original to shed light on the out of control government MOB terrorizing our fellow Americans all over the country!
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Country - Alternative Country
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Kenneth Hall and Chad Lee
all rights reserved 2014
September 23, 2017
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Story behind the song
This song covers several abuses by Government employees who BETRAY their Oath. It expresses the fears, Frustrations, and Anger I have heard from those who have served honorably. Only to come Home to be terrorized by agents of WE THE PEOPLE.. Their doing this in our name and our silence and apathy are leading to violence which will one day over take us all!
Warriors Plea Intro When Johnny come marching Home again Hurrah Hurrah X 2 When you get back Home you better keep your gun Our country has been over run Will you still be free when Johnny comes marching home Verse I met the TSA when I left the plane It's already clear our country is not the same It seems we're livin in fear And when I got to the family farm there's a sign on the door That says property of BLM and you can;t live here anymore So I hiked it down to the neighbors to find out what was wrong He said there after our land to Johnny and your dad is gone Chorus Well I was over there fightin for so long can some tell me what went wrong My countries been over run I think I still need a gun So what am I supposed to do do I need to fight once more Cause the freedoms I've been fightin for are not allow here anymore When Johnny come marching Home again Hurrah Hurrah X 2 They say your dad was on a waiting list down at the VA Where He suffered quietly until His pain went away And your mom she went and got a gun and chased them off the porch Then 200 men surrounded her and SHOT her through the door Well Johnny you could stay with us but the said that they'd attack To grind us into dust and shoot us in the back Repeat Chorus The question is to you and me can you hear the warriors plea They swore an Oath to defend us from all our enemies SO do you want them to intervene when they trample on our neighbors or to leave our destiny in the hands of the traitors Cause our constitutions dismantled in the name of reform and our nation has been transformed When Johnny comes marching Home again Hurrah HurrahX2 Will you fight with me for Freedom or leave me all alone cause while I was over there the insurgents beat me home When Johnny comes marching Home again Hurrah HurrahX2