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Women Blaah
This is my dads song. He began writing music while serving in Korea as an MP with the 101st Air Born.
Country - Honky-Tonk
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Donald and Kenneth Hall
September 23, 2017
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Story behind the song
I learned to play this song as a kid from my dad. He wrote a lot of songs that I and a lot of others have enjoyed for decades here in the Us and Europe. I learned to play music from watching Him and His friends Got to play with Him in Honky Tonks and private parties a couple times. he played nearly every weekend, and latter performed at parties and nursing homes all over Missouri and Kansas. Miss you dad!
Women Blaah I'M sick and tired of all of you women I'm going Huntin and fishin and swimmin Nothin in this world that I'm tireder of than WOMEN I'm through chasen girls they only want to triffle I bought me a motor boat fishin rod rifle Nothin in this world that I'm tireder of than WOMEN You know I spent my dough all of these years chasen a pretty face With nothin to show but a lot of tears and now I'm losin in the human race So go away stay away all of you misses I need huntin more than all of your kisses give me golf clubs tennis racket bowlin ball but Women Blaah The way you treated me you thought it was smart well aint it a dog gone shame the way you cheated me breakin my heart more often than a fella could name Well here comes one of them feminin girlies bottom side round and hair so curly makin eyes at me and smilin so sweet! OH well probably wouldna caught a durn thing any way