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Coop - Forever Sinking (prod. Beatz ERA)
Written for the working man who is always down on thier luck, and tired of the way life is suposse to be
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
November 15, 2017
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3:05 minutes
Story behind the song
Just wanted to write a song about how I feel towards my everyday life and feelings towards politics.
im stuck, in this day to day, nothing ever goes my way, all of these bills, i have to pay, until im ill, n start to decay ill wither away, when i get old, creates pain, i must control, force me to smoke, so get it rolled, but im always broke, my checks on hold, meanwhile, my goals, never achieved, my mind and me, never agrees, only releived, when im asleep, this routine, makes me fatigue, cause everyday, it just repeats, hold the trigger, but i cant release, even in death i cant complete, with every breath, i disagree, all the debt thats surounds me, all the stress, thats bounds me, always upset, its drowns me, wanting death, has founded me, get enclosed in a boundary, in the hood like a battery, when my flow, gets exciting, im striking, like LIGHTNING HOOK deadly thinkin, is what im bringin,, when im livin, im never winnin, life im clinging, it forces drinkin, forever thinkin, im always sinkin, always sinkin, keep on missin, never riskin, always dissin, and my mission, this is prision, in this kitchin, ass im kissin, promotion, you keep insisting, but im never getting nothing, keep on begging, keep on cutting, prices up, an ckeck is sucking, ends cant meet, and bills keep comming, feel defeat, but keep on going, 9 dolla packs, an keep on smoking, get-back-on-track, and keep on hoping this-is-a-fact, dont think im joking, this-shit-is-wack, the rich keep bloating, poor-should-at-tack, reset the voting, republic, democrat, goverment over throwing
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