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Coop- Road Rage (prod. RestraintProductionz)
HipHop - Hip Hop General
November 18, 2017
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3:12 minutes
Story behind the song
Inspired by an idea from Benny Combs. Wanted to write a song about what I day dream about when I get aggravated behind the wheel. (This song is not to be taken literal).
VERSE 1 DRIVIN, PULL THE FUCK OVER, GET OUTTA MY WAY, FLYIN, DOUBLE THE LIMIT, when im on the highway, switchin lanes at a high rate, twitchin enriched in road rage, steering wheel vibrates, its givin me a migrane, motha fucka what you think your doin? this cock sucka tri-ed eluding me, (fuck you) cut ME off i WONT LET THIS go, curse words commin out the window, now hes claimin, that his back aches, comme on, for fuck sake, this gonna cost cake, A split second is all it takes, this cock suckas writin down my plate, now im livid, and the bloods pumpin, my insurance, wont cover nothing, (HOOK) ROAD RAGE GET UP OUT MY WAY GET UP OUT MY WAY ROAD RAGE GET UP OUT MY WAY GET UP OUT MY WAY ROAD RAGE Verse 2 (break) retain my strength, think he lost an eyeball, face so displaced, when scrapped off the asphalt, the longer i wait, kill-ings just protocol, watch him crawl, clothes covered with ethanol, cigarette case, i reached to light one, present a straight face, if not he might run, the smoke i waiste, was thrown to light em, when-i-got road rage, extremes my outcome, (break ends) actin timid, and no ones commin, ideas been twisted, and i aint runnin, ya shouda listened, coulda saw this commin, stop sign ya missed, an ya had to be rushin, now im the only one punish-in fat fuck lookin for a muffin, an blast em, its time to get rough with em, but im past the point, and there aint no stoppin him, reach for the crow bar, and just started choppin em, im out so far, the police wont be stoppin in, i jumped in the car, reveresed over top of him, thats it, grabb a brick, someone might be watchin in, now squished, i reach for the stick shift, the car and the body, i need to ditch this, over a cliff, shift, into a ditch, bitch, son of a bitch Verse 3 (Waiting to be provided by Bradster X)
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