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Remorse (prod. News Street Melody Beats)
About how everything I do and struggle with tends to not matter and sleep is the only escape.
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
Sir Coop and News Street Melody Beats and JAYSx15
January 07, 2018
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2:38 minutes
Story behind the song
Having a down day and decided to write.
gettin tired, wakin up, achin up changin up, in satins attire, spreadin fire ill never own, my own empire, always thinkin higher, Afraid to embrace, my growin desire, IT wouldn't be complete, with out my own airline, and an island da size of new hampshire an my own mcdonalds so i can order fries, a partner in stocks, an watch em rise, instead becomin WHAT ive always dispised, ive relized, im arrogant, apparantly, my own family wants me to die, Thier commin at me with all thier lies, they act like they care, but its all a disguise, around my neck, i want to bind, i only feel alive, when i close my eyes, HOOK SOMETHINGs WRONG WITH ME, I CANT LIVE THIS WAY ANYMORE, THE SPIRIT INSIDE OF ME, WANTS OUT, BUT IT CANT FIND A DOOR IGNITES THE FLAME, THEN LEAVES, WRAPPED IN CHAINS, THROWN OUT, ON THE FLOOR, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME, I CANT LIVE THIS WAY ANYMORE, killin' either or COMMITIN SUICIDE, seems a lot easier, THEN ITS DESCRIBED, like a meteor fallen THREW THE SKY, lifetime feature, REACHIN its DEMISE, gonna be remembered just AS THAT GUY, after my death, couple YEARS GO BY, no CHILD OF MINE, to take my place, leave no trace, or case OF ME RESIDES, FACE, BEIN ERASED MAKES ME DECIDE, take my life, or LIVE OUT THIS RIDE, WORLD DECLINES, everything I've done, or begun, hate builds up, GO ON, IVE TRIED, rationalize, bein victimized, shit I've done, be remembered in time, let it be known, threw the rhymes of mine I only feel alive, when I close my eyes,
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