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I Don't Know
C. Vo - From the Mo., feat. Big Seb; Prod. by The Hit Base.
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C. Vo - From the Mo.
Eric L. Singleton
April 02, 2018
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Story behind the song
My Great-Grandmother use to always say, "some things I just don't understand." This song is in remembrance of her.
I don't know what you’ve heard / I don't know what you've been told / But, I can't stop, won't stop and I won't fold. Not until I reach the top, not until I hit my spot, not until I reach my goals, not until I play my role. (Repeat) (I don't know) ******************** I don't know what you’ve heard; I don't know what's been said / let's address it right away. We can put it right to bed. We can lay it down to rest, beat that horse like it was dead / unless we're talkin’ 'bout my bread, then please be careful where you tread. Redrum, Rumred y'all too quick to call the Feds / Streets stay talkin’ err’ day, they should call the block Ted. If they catch me, I just tell 'em every word the lawyer said / that the word is I don't know and y'all should let the word spread. Got love for my haters, when I'm gone they gon miss me / I'm just tryna rule the world, like my name was Walt Disney. When I'm gone from the earth, man I swear they gon be hurt / Cause they don't really hate me, they just love me in reverse. ********************** (Chorus) I don't know what's been said, I don't know what you've heard / when I wake up every morning, I just flip the world a bird. I just stand up on my own two, I just stay in my own lane / Big Seb, now you know. Put respeck upon my name. Everyday I'm making gains, don't know why it causes pain / Draw more fouls than James Harden when he's driving through the lane. To the victor goes the spoils, man we must be spoiled rotten / It's a long way to here from the days of picking cotton. You can miss me with that drama, I just chill like Dalai Lama / they go low, then I go high and rise above it like Obama. **************** I don't know why he plead, instead of taking the fifth / why your man turned snitch and start to sing like a Finch. I don't know why his lawyer was the first to flinch / why he refused to recuse a racist judge from the bench. Why for material things, we always selling our souls? / Why until I reach my goals, I'm just playing the role. I don't know why y'all believe everything that they telling you / everything that they're selling you, why you take it as true. CNN, FOX News and the rest of the crews / couldn't care less about the truth than annual revenue. Why is God a blonde and his eyes so blue. / And Kaepernick can't get a job, or even an interview. I don't know why I ain't mentioned in the top 25, when they bring up who's the best' either dead or alive. How we continue to strive and do more than survive / Through it all, against the odds, keep our eyes on the prize. I Don't know!! **************