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Waiting On You
Waiting on the Lord renews our strength!
Acoustic - Acoustic Piano
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Marla Reid
May 02, 2018
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Waiting on You (Marla Reid 2017) Driving down the highway of the life I live Trying to make some progress, trying to get ahead I see a red light coming but I'll just speed on through I have places that I need to be and things I need to do But is this living life too dangerously? Instead of waiting for the green light patiently Waiting on You God, If I listen and obey You have never let me down and You've always made a way Waiting on You God, if I have a little faith I don't have to understand I just need to ... wait. Looking at the canvas of my life in front of me I want to take the paintbrush and draw things perfectly But I get so frustrated when my projects don't work out I throw down the paintbrush and toss the picture out But then You take my hands and You begin to draw A beautiful masterpiece as I just sit back in awe When I wait on You Lord You give me strength, You give me Peace, You give me Joy When I wait on You Lord You give me wings to soar. Keys and Vocals – Marla Reid Bass – Harrison Scannell Percussion – Zac Kindorf Mix – Andy Acosta