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Anthem For The New World
Hymn in anticipation of the new world promised by Jehovah. Revelation 21 contact: kaylandr@yahoo.com
Classical - Choral
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Robert Kvinnesland
Public Domain
May 09, 2018
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Anthem For The New World Words & Music: Robert Kvinnesland Public Domain, free use by any and all (verse 1) Praise Jah! Praise Jah! Sing out "Al-le-lu-ia!" For a pro-mise kept, in worth: A new hea-ven and new earth! Praise Jah! Praise Jah! You peo-ple, near and far! For a birth-right now re-claimed, Earth-ly Pa-ra-dise re-gained! (interlude 1) Out of the dark A-da-mic night Shone forth a hope through but one: In Je-sus Christ we've reached the Light, How pre-cious, the blood of the Son! (verse 2) Praise Jah! Praise Jah! Al-migh-ty Je-ho-vah! Shep-herd us as to Your ways, Let Your Word in-crease our days! Praise Jah! Praise Jah! Al-pha and O-me-ga! Guide us now in Truth that binds With our hearts and hands and minds. (interlude 2) A-mid the for-mer sin and strife, Marked were the words of the Son: "I am the Way and Truth and Life." Now through Him the King-dom has come! (finale - slower, more majestically) Praise Jah! Praise Jah! The True E-ter-nal God! His di-vine plan now made ma-ni-fest For all mil-len-ni-a: A new world of joy and righ-teous-ness, Praise Jah! Praise Jah! Praise JAH!