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Imagining You
A woman who longs to meet her "ideal" man fantasizes freely about who, and what, he could be...
Jazz - Smooth Jazz
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Words: Loren Spain, Courtney Grace/Music: Loren
@ 2018
May 17, 2018
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160 kbps bitrate
3:40 minutes
Story behind the song
I have always been INTENSELY curious as to the interior process by which women determine what sort of man they would like to meet, and have. Check out Courtney Grace's vast and entrancing musical universe at http://courtneygracemusic.com.
INTRO – 8 bars VERSE 1 Let's play a game Don't tell me your name Just say something I will re-mem-ber VERSE 2 Speak of your past Good things that last Promise you'll always be tender REFRAIN These wishful things Are just me imagining you Scenes of a love That I hope will come true VERSE 3 Play your guitar Show me a scar Bet you got that from your sister! VERSE 4 That pony-tailed girl She’s cute as a pearl How old were you when you first kissed her? BRIDGE – Trumpet solo for 16 bars VERSE 5 When I look in your eyes If I don’t see lies Maybe, I’ll give you my number VERSE 6 Now, go to sleep Don't make a peep I want to watch while you slumber… OUTRO Could you, oh, could you be What I've, what I've been imagining? I want you, I want you, I want you to be What I've, what I've, been picturing Tender, sweet, love, unconditionally Strong, smart, romantic, my missing piece…
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