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Dead Man's Holiday (Performed by FrankenZappa)
A #1 Pop hit! A Frank Zappa-influenced Halloween Hit Song written by Jay Dyall and Recorded by FrankenZappa featuring Lesley on lead vocals and Vanessa on back-up vocals in 2006.
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Urban - Funky R&B
Charts #866 today (peak #84)
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June 04, 2018
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Dead Man's Holiday (October 31st) words and music by Jayson Dyall c.1997 Ladies & Gentlemen, It's Time To Get Down With Your Bad Self! There's a full moon out tonight with an eerie shade of red And somewhere in the distance, sounds are waking up the dead So I passed by the old graveyard, what do you think I see? A ghoulish looking band striking up a melody The dead rise up from their graves They've come out to dance and play It's October 31st, it's a Dead Man's Holiday Chorus: It's a dead man's holiday It's a dead man's holiday And the dead, will party on Up until the break of dawn We had all year to rehearse For October 31st It's a dead man's holiday I was so entranced and overwhelmed by this sight That I did not see the hands sneak up and grabbed my shoulders tight I was lifted in the air and carried to the crowd Face to face, I thought I'd scream but I did not make a sound They said ''do not be afraid" "Come and join us dance and play" It's October 31st, it's a Dead Man's Holiday Repeat Chorus Break And then I saw her standing there, the scariest thing I've ever seen Underneath her rotting flesh she must have been a beauty queen She walked up and asked me to dance, so I thought I should be nice So I took her by the hand though it felt as cold as ice She said "Tonight I'm Sweet 16" "Wish I can dance the night away" It's October 31st, it's a Dead Man's Holiday Repeat Chorus (4x) Copyright 1997 Jay Dyall