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Imagine a beautiful woman dark and mysterious..... not evil just darkly,waiting for a man called the RAVEN who is a shapeshifter......he arrives as raven who tattoos her with his beak.
Alternative - Goth
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Katherine Scorzo aka Faunaserene
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October 23, 2018
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She Bespeaks the Raven Lyrics by Katherine Scorzo aka Faunaserene so caught in the web is a spider inside her skin a tattoo imbedded on her small of her back mascara running from her near heartattack and thats on her heart a scar from it all her eyes are wise despite inspite of it all she looks down at the ground makes a circle a five point pentacle she cries the tears of a raven no ones ever seen her dream at all except the ones shes overslept with but now shes saveing it all for him the RAVEN no ritual is perpetual for her except the one shes lit a candle for each dayof her birth but she bespeaks the Raven her mane of hair is blackas midnight at night her eyes the color of dark earth in the sunlight shes flown with them every samhain eve in lucid dreams.she longs to be free like a dark rainbow stream across the moonlit tides see she hurts inside so she hides and the ravens fly and they hear her cry she bespeaks the Ravens wise an oracle out from her ruby lips so sweet the raven flys to tattoo his heart on her body with his beak blood runs from her shoulder bare the sky is indigo dark and deep He now stands before her they finally meet. she lifts her eyes to see its he the RAVEN of her dreams she grabs his dark cloak and they fly into the breeze making there way to the Willow tree THey bare there souls on the leaves there eyes reflecting the sea The Sea All Rights Reserved Katherine Scorzo aka Faunaserene
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