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Vladdy,You Had Me at Genius
"Vladdy,You Had Me at Genius (The Trump Wall of 1958)" is an electro sci-fi song inspired by the comical absurdity of the Trump Wall - from a tv character named Trump in 1958 to the reality tv sh** show today.
Lease - $25
Electronic - Indietronic
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Robert Samuels
February 24, 2019
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The name is Trump,I comes with a message That will protect you all From thirsty,blood-lusting aliens Ice just don't storm-troop my golf course My name is Trump, I come with a message (Wall fixation) If you give me my wall,ll name it Nancy and Chuck (Infatuation) I'll even throw in a free toaster (Aberration) What a bargain at 6 billion bucks (From reality tv station) Even Moses would be turned back To the desert without a drop of water I'm calling for a thousand big mac's Delivered to my bunker Vladdy you had me at genius My Soviet red tie sweeps for tic tacs For the wall I'd push the nuclear button We all get superpowers from the maga hat Beautiful border wall to protect you all From bad dudes Wake the dreamers up, berobed marchers want No to refuge A stormy fling and the fixer sings More fake news But when you are winning it big, you don't give a shit About those that shined your shoes With tears