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July 05, 2019
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It's hard to explain it, not sure why But I've been wandering in the deepest night Strange, strange cities and alleys alike lost and confused and just out of sight (chorus) An old man's dreams, a young man's heart familiar faces; can't tell them apart The whispers of ancient dreams from afar are coming to visit from wherever they are (verse)I've traveled these roads; I've been here before but I can't place them in real life anymore backyards and backroads; aching and sore industrial basements and ruins galore (chorus) I've flown across valleys and sun-drenched plains ancient brick buildings; can't remember their names lost my way on strange city streets first one and another they all seem the same (chorus) I see my father calling to me to help save the business from eternity new faces, old faces wander in and out of the places that I see (bridge/lead) A kid in college; a sailor at sea are some of the people thru whose eyes I see I know I've not been there, yet I can believe that these visions reside in me (chorus) And when I awake, I tell my love my recall is better than reality the visions I have, transcending time the song of humanity calling to me (bridge/lead) (repeat 1st verse) Mark Gates 6/5/2019
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