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Oh Darlin
A Love song for my wife
Rock - Christian Rock
Previous peak charts position #13
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Todd G Strachan
July 11, 2019
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Oh Darlin 7-11-2019 Oh Darlin, I will always be true, For I love you, my whole heart through, my life would have no meaning, without you, oh darlin I will always be true. I used to pray in my room each night, so the Lord would know my plight then cam the day, He answered my prayers, and you walked into my life. So darlin, if you are ever blue, I'll try to be, the sunshine for you, cause when I see you sad my heart breaks in 2 I'll try to be the sunshine for you So darlin, I hope you'll always be, by my side growing old with me, without your hand in mine, I'm lost you see, so darlin won't you grow old with me. My