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Father Texas
This is the first song I'd ever written back in 1994. Finally recorded it in 2019. 'Bout time!
Country - Traditional Country
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September 25, 2019
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hey mr mockingbird flying around making fun of all the other birdies in town youd better hope they dont catch up with you strip you of your feathers and your voicebox too i think that its strange that theres a bird without its own voice without its own words hey hey mr mockingbird i think that you are quite absurd and he says chorus father texas watches over me sleeping under the live oak tree wide open spaces and big blue skies hell know what to do when its my time to die hey miss bluebonnet out in the fields spreading yourself without any yield covering up the green with patches of blue why are people so in love with you they think youre a flower and plant your seed come out every spring to check their deeds hey miss bluebonnet cant they see that you are just a damned ole weed and she says bridge these memories of mine that i hold dear are like an armadillo with a can of beer hes on his back, hes seen better days hes a road kill symbol on the lone star highways hey mr cowboy tall and lean playing on fields of artificial green contracts and agents are on your mind while sell yourself for another dime the vaqueros of the past are all long gone vanished are the ways that made them strong hey mr cowboy dont you know youre doing it all for a tv show and he says