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I'll Carry You Home
'50s style from Buddy and Dan
Rock - Christian Rock
Previous peak charts position #12
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Buddy Sutton/Dan Simmons
2019 Daniel B. Simmons
October 31, 2019
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320 kbps bitrate
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3:36 minutes
Story behind the song
Co Written with Irish lyricist Buddy Sutton. As soon as I heard Buddy's lyrics I knew what it should sound like.
It don't matter....how lost you are It don't matter....how near how far When there comes that day....you just call my name I'll carry you home It don't matter...how long the road It don't matter...how heavy the load I just want to say ...O come what may I'll carry you home I'll carry you home, thru the long dark night I'll carry you home...its gonna be alright I want you to know....that my love is strong I'll be the shoulder you can cry on The One you can rely on It dont matter...how wide the breach No, it don't matter...how far I have to reach Those mountains I'll scale....that ocean I'll sail To carry you home (Instrumental) Bridge When the nights are cold...And you're all alone And the lonely days...just stretch on and on Like the prodigal....your heart is calling you home No...no...no matter....who you used to be It don't matter....It doesn't matter to me My love for you is strong....so just keep holding on I'll carry you home My love for you is strong just keep holding on I'll carry you home