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Impeachment Pie (a la Mode)
A bouncy, satiric tune inspired by the shenanigans of Fearless Leader
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Joe DeCristopher
Joe DeCristopher 2019
November 01, 2019
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3:13 minutes
Story behind the song
A topical piece inspired by Louis Jordan, Uncle Walt's Band, and Congress
Wed better impeach Its the best way to go hes an awful liar he did conspire, to dump on bland old Joe Wed better impeach Weve no time to spare Lets clean up his mess and get him out of there Theres not a single word hell say that has the ring of truth And even worse the man will never grow a wisdom tooth Wed better impeach, hed be an easy act to follow And the crap he serves is just too hard to swallow Ill never understand how folks could vote for such a fella Lets get him gone and top it with a nice scoop of vanilla Wed better impeach, Weve no time to spare Lets lock him up and get him out of there
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