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Porn In The Whitehouse
social commentary
Acoustic - Folk
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Tom Neilson
November 08, 2019
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Story behind the song
In June 2018, MSNBC host, Mika Brzezinski claimed that Trumps biggest complaint is that he cant watch porn at the White House.
I can't watch porn in the White House; Can't get any skin on TV Can't call 900 numbers; No sex on the phone for me Nobody told me it'd be like this; Got a full time chaperone Can't watch porn in the White House; If only I had known And Melania, she won't kiss me,,Won't even hold my hand In front of everyone dis me, Why wont she understand? And I ain't done no pussy grabbin Like I bragged to Billy that day Can't watch porn in the White House, Not presidential, they say Can't watch those beauties undressin At the pageants anymore Cant be handlin or messin, Not what I had in store. Ain't done no boobie gropin, they say its misogyny But Ill never stop hopin For a little infidelity And look at all that I gave up, How could this happen to me? And I wish Melania would make up And give me a kiss on TV Stormy and all the others Didn't they get enough dough? Can't watch porn in the White House; How was I to know?