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Lead the Blind
We must find each other, before we can be free.. That sort of sums up the idea behind this song. In the World today, we need to unite instead of divide.
Pop - Pop Rock
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Holger Luth
Holger Luth
November 22, 2019
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Story behind the song
We need to unite instead of divide.
Its time, to rewind, To let the wise lead the blind. To stand up, before we lose our dignity, We must find each other, before we can be free. So where is the love? Give me your hand and Ill say to you: I cannot be what - you expect from me. I cannot tell you how you should live your life. I know, that you are. The hero, Ive been looking for. And please believe you are the Destiny. Like everyone, who lives upon the Earth. I cant see, Whats going on, right in front of me. So give me your chances, give me your hope. Give the World what you think, it deserves. Oooooh oooh ooooh Brother, I will try my best. To believe in you and give my doubts a rest. But brother, you must open your mind. Come walk with me, and let us lead the blind. Lead the blind,( lead the blind), Lead the blind, (lead the blind), Lead the blind
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